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A glimpse behind the scenes at your external trade fair department

Your external trade fair department: allow us to introduce ourselves

We love trade fair construction


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An effective interface

... that saves you time! We want to get to know your products and know what is important to you for your appearance, so we can work in line with your requirements and reduce communication to a minimum. So that you have more time for your day-to-day business.

Your “external trade fair department”

... when it matters! Sometimes you need to be in too many places at once - on request we will hand over a ready-made trade fair stand directly to your trade fair team, gladly on the morning the trade fair starts - you can rely on the exhibits being ready, the information desk being raring to go and the brochures being neatly organised. Your sales team can get started straight away!

Loads of services

... make your life easier! Hired furniture, exhibit logistics, storage, hired crockery, graphic design, customised displays, advertising equipment, digital presentations, artists, catering ... and much more!

What can we do for you?

We are happy to support you with all aspects of trade fair construction.

Our services

We know what matters:

trade fairs and congresses

Throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide. We ensure your appearance runs smoothly, whether it’s here or overseas, with tailored solutions or a mobile self-assembly trade fair kit.

Events and company anniversaries

We take care of the setting, while you take care of your customers. We take care of the concept and its impressive implementation.

Displays & showrooms

Products have to be explained! Sophisticated displays for use at trade shows and your showroom help highlight your product and skilfully show it off. From the idea to assembly – we are your partner for everything to do with your presentations.